An amateur painter, a self- taught embroider, a traveller and a dressmaker is how I sum myself up at 31.

My mother has been a great influence in shaping me up as a person and my ideology.  An extremely quiet childhood, I would be lost for days either into books, crafts or paints.

Phulkari, kantha, gara, aari, kashidakari, are a few embroideries I have learnt by heart while growing up, and I aspire to learn knitting and carpet weaving one day.

As a child I was taught to make handmade gifts and cards for birthdays. We weren’t allowed to buy, but encouraged to make some craft to gift.

My gifts during my childhood included handmade greeting cards, sketches, portraits, journals and beaded necklaces, that took hours and days and a lot of dedication.  This know how in the early stage of life enabled a clear vision of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I ventured into business at the age of 19. My refusal to work as an intern under other designers and exporters, allowed me to lay my own journey. The direct interaction with my clientele and the market, helped me to grow organically and find my aesthetics.

It is this aesthetic which is my own and not an adaptation that has laid a foundation for a strong business model.

Now,  Completing my 12th year in the industry this year, I have come full circle to terms with my own self. With little formal training and a lot of self-taught know- how and no industrial training what so ever I ventured into the business, lending my aesthetics to a formal wear label.

Initiating my journey with a label that filled a wide gap between formal/trousseau wear and informal/casual wear, I brought it to the most celebrated platform of the India fashion week within a few years.  Sustaining the 6 month season game for almost 6 years, i became the name to reckon with.

Bridging this gap in the market, and turning the label into a quintessentialtrousseau label, I retired to the idea of simplifying the dressing game and the design ideology.

A few fallouts brought in a fresh perspective. And I took a 360 degree turn thereafter.

Taking time to breathe and recollecting my thoughts, aikeyah was born in the year 2012, while I was on  the quest to find my own self and my own identity. Aikeyah- the name, a Sanskrit word that means own identity was an obvious choice to name my journey.

Greatly influenced by my travels and an interest in literature, art and history, I love how each day we churn out outfits that reflect this very essence.

I love what I do.