A Sanskrit word meaning ‘own identity’.

Aikeyah was born in the year 2012.

It was the year, when I was struggling with my personal as well as my professional life. It was that time, while on a quest for a deeper meaning, the need to simplify life arose. Not only in terms of how I was de-cluttering my perception about life and slowing down to take notice of those fine details of living, but also the way how I was dressing up each day. It was only then, I found love and commitment in cottons.

Drawing inspiration from the parisian streets to the villages of Rajasthan, from kimonos to our indian angrakhas, each garment owns a story and imbibes a sense of belonging to the gone-by era. The same inspiration laid our foundation.

The label brings together indian elements to a sensibility very global in appeal, focusing on comfort and ease. The choice to work with cottons in all forms, textures and origin and moulding them in relaxed silhouettes that doesn’t confine to any particular body shape characterize Aikeyah.  It is those textures, that go into layering that bring alive the very essence of Aikeyah.

Elements that strike a sense of nostalgia, that bring out the boheme appeal combined with rich hues boasts a very strong sensibility that is not confined to any geographical boundary. Each garment evolves over a period of time, each time it’s worn lending a whole new perspective to the wearer.

A lot of effort goes into the choice of fabric, colors and the craftsmanship in each collection. Each collection is a well thought subject, and plays around selective silhouettes keeping the aesthetics intact.

The label has aesthetically evolved over the last 4 years and works mostly on archives that have given a strong foundation to our small family.


Absolutely mood based. It is the conversations between me and my sketches that shape each garment.

Find anything between straight cuts, to drapes, to asymmetric designs and patterns adorned with miniscule embroideries.


A lot of failures, fallouts and rejections have built the label. It is those failures that allow us to look in the eye of fear and carry on.  It’s a fearless label. We don’t mass produce hence the quality is taken care of at each stage. Limited collections allow us to experiment more often and deliver variety.

 History, art, literature, human psychology and travel has influenced and shaped the label immensely.

Beginning my journey with Aikeyah with extremely talented and honest craftsmen, I feel blessed to have them around till date. After all it is only the people that make a company. Together we have overcome a lot of rejections and rainy days and I feel honored to have such a great team who stood by me and see the label through even on days when we had run out of money.

 Faith and believe are very strong words, and I am proud that my team bestowed me with a lot of faith and believed in my vision. I hope to keep moving ahead and never to fall short on their expectations.

Aikeyah, now running into its 4th year, enjoys a dedicated, loyal and a selective audience. Grateful to have such a tremendous customer base, that has only built us stronger.