A lot of failures, fallouts and rejections have built the label. It is those failures that allow us to look in the eye of fear and carry on.  It’s a fearless label. We don’t mass produce hence the quality is taken care of at each stage. Limited collections allow us to experiment more often and deliver variety.

 History, art, literature, human psychology and travel has influenced and shaped the label immensely.

Beginning my journey with Aikeyah with extremely talented and honest craftsmen, I feel blessed to have them around till date. After all it is only the people that make a company. Together we have overcome a lot of rejections and rainy days and I feel honored to have such a great team who stood by me and see the label through even on days when we had run out of money.

 Faith and believe are very strong words, and I am proud that my team bestowed me with a lot of faith and believed in my vision. I hope to keep moving ahead and never to fall short on their expectations.

Aikeyah, now running into its 4th year, enjoys a dedicated, loyal and a selective audience. Grateful to have such a tremendous customer base, that has only built us stronger.


Absolutely mood based. It is the conversations between me and my sketches that shape each garment.

Find anything between straight cuts, to drapes, to asymmetric designs and patterns adorned with miniscule embroideries.